Kendal Vom Baur

kendalCoach Kendal Vom Baur

I am an assistant girls wrestling coach for Camas High School. Being married to a head wrestling coach you have two options. You can either support in the stands or support on the mat. I decided I wanted to support on the mat. I learn more about the sport every day by watching and physically doing. I figured the best way to learn was to get on the mat and wrestle. Besides practicing hand fighting in the kitchen with my husband, I started off coming to CHS wrestling practices and volunteering to wrestle with the girls and have developed from there.


I coach for many reasons. I love supporting Camas athletes and being around the sport of wrestling. It allows me to support my husband and be more involved in his passion for wrestling and coaching. I am passionate about student involvement in extracurricular activities and the life lessons that it can bring to a person’s life. Specifically, wrestling is one of those sports that provides students with a wealth of knowledge and skills that attribute to making them a better person. I am also involved at CHS through coaching Unified Soccer. I love being a member of the Camas community.