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Your contribution is tax deductible. Camas High School’s tax ID number is 91-6001767.


Please FOLLOW THE STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS BELOW to make a donation to the Camas High School Wrestling Program. .


1)   Go to

2)   Scroll down and click Click here to create your account

3)   Create a username and password of your choice then push sign up

4)   Sign in with your new username and password

5)   Under Shop Click on  Community Education and District Events

6)   Click  High Schools


8)   In the Categories section on the right click on Fundraisers

9)   Place donation amounts in your cart by entering the quantity and pressing Buy button. You are able to donate multiples of any amount(s).

10)   The donations are now in your Cart in the top right hand corner

11)   Once finished with your donations click Checkout

12) Review your donations and click the Checkout button

13)   Complete the final steps