Allen Jones

allen jones

Allen Jones


I was a 3 sport athlete in HS (Football, Powerlifting and Track & Field). I was fortunate to be voted by my teammates as a Captain in all 3 sports. I attended the prestigious Univ. of Oregon where I received a scholarship as an Equipment Manager for the football team. I started playing Rugby in college once our football seasons were over.

I’ve been a football coach now for 11 years. I’ve coached basketball and track and field in the past. I’ve only been coaching wrestling for the past two seasons, but it’s something that I’ve really grown to enjoy. I believe our coaching staff is as good as there is in the state and they’ve done an excellent job of taking me under their wings and helping me learn about this great sport.

I strongly believe that one of the reasons our program has improved so dramatically is because Cory has assembled a tremendous coaching staff of guys who are extremely knowledgeable while also being effective teachers. I never wrestled in HS, but I did win a Kempo tournament when I was 12.

I have two beautiful nieces, Cadence and Cassidy, and they have me completely wrapped around their little fingers. I love movies, music and Gummi Bears. I believe in Bigfoot, UFOs, and ghosts and I will always believe in the power of Hulk Hogan vitamins.

“First master the fundamentals” Bill Belichick

“No one whoever gave his best effort regretted it” George Halas