The Papermakers Earn 1st Place

On Saturday your Camas Papermakers competed in the Tyrone Woods Invitational. Throughout the course of the day the Makers were battling between 1st and 2nd. Heading into the finals the Makers were down by 15 points and had some very tough matches ahead of them. But, after a HUGE win by Junior Jack Latimer, beating Gavin Jolly (a two time Oregon State Champion), a pin from Junior Tanner Craig, a win from Sophomore Gideon Malychewski, and a tech fall from Senior Samuel Malychewski the Makers found themselves sitting in first place!

This was a complete team effort. Every wrestler in our room contributed to this milestone in our program.


1. Camas 250.5
2. North Medford 232.5
3. Sherwood 192.0
4. McMinnville 171.0
5. Oregon City 154.0
6. Hermiston 134.0
7. Woodburn 129.5
8. Beaverton 123.0
9. Lakeridge 114.0
10. South Albany 102.0
11. Jefferson-Portland 96.0
12. Gresham 95.0
13. Mountainside 93.0
14. Liberty 86.0
15. Lake Oswego 84.0
16. Madison 68.0
17. The Dalles/Dufur 63.0
18. Gladstone 60.0
19. Southridge 55.0
20. Colton 23.0
20. Grant 23.0



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